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COT Messina

Multi-Specialty Medical Center COT S.p.A.

COTCOT SpA (COT is the acronym for CURE ORTOPEDICHE TRAUMATOLOGICHE, i.e. ORTHOPEDIC TRAUMA CARE) is a Multi-Specialty Medical Center that has been active in Messina since August 1973. An independent healthcare provider of NHS-funded services, and a member of AIOP (the Italian Association of Private Hospitals), COT is a Medical Center providing care in the areas of Orthopedic Trauma, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Rehabilitation. Located at via Ducezio n° 1, within walking distance of the historical city center, COT is very easy to reach also thanks to its close proximity to the motorway junctions of Messina-Centro and Messina-Boccetta. 

From quality to excellence.

The “Right to Live” has always motivated COT to follow down the path of ongoing keenness for research, and has always pointed the way forward to service excellence. Constant technology upgrading, and continuing education for medical and paramedical staff are thus attained in the wake of quality, moulded by natural and continuing needs for improvement. COT was certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) under ISO 9001 certification requirements already back in 1999, the very first private healthcare organization in central and southern Italy to attain ISO certification, as we have always believed it essential to be evaluated by a third party. Years later, a system encompassing generalist requirements appeared to be no longer enough to shift from quality to excellence in health care. Based on these grounds, the Executive Board undertook a specific journey – the result of financial efforts and investments in human and technical resources – that led COT to be awarded with Joint Commission International accreditation on February 10, 2014. 

Sharing is mutual enhancement of knowledge. 

[…] Hospitality evokes the ancient meanings why the venue for curing the sick was given the name of “hospital”, i.e. a place where the suffering are hosted and made welcome in their uniqueness and irreplicability. Hospitality is not only hosting but also answering the needs of guests. A profound need to personalize the approach, to move from curing to taking care is thus perceived. Under this perspective, hospitality can be identified as the anthropological dimension that summarizes and relates the various forms of prevention, cure, and rehabilitation.[…] 
(Note by Monsignor Francesco Montenegro
dated June 4, 2006) 

Non passarci sopra

Nell’anno del Giubileo della Misericordia, Censis, Roma Tiburtina e Bnl organizzano la mostra fotografica «Non passarci sopra» sui valori della gratuità e della solidarietà, aperta al pubblico dal 20 ottobre al 4 novembre all’interno della Stazione Tiburtina. La mostra si propone di essere non solo un’esibizione di immagini, ma un vero e proprio percorso attraverso il quale gli espositori (organizzazioni non profit, associazioni, fondazioni e aziende, italiane e straniere) raccontano con uno scatto il proprio modo di interpretare la misericordia, di portare nel cuore le miserie altrui, di ricucire con chi è distante e di produrre valore sociale attraverso comportamenti solidali. La particolarità è che si sviluppa “a terra” cioè sul pavimento della galleria centrale della Stazione Tiburtina a Roma. COT supporta e partecipa a questa mostra.




Corso ECM (9 crediti), Sabato 24 settembre 2016 ore 9.00 
Palacultura, Viale Boccetta, MESSINA


Per iscriversi, inviare un'email a:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   indicando:


  • nome e cognome
  • data e luogo di nascita
  • codice fiscale
  • indirizzo completo di cap
  • recapito telefonico
  • categoria medica.


Rivolto a Medici Specializzati in:
  • Anestesia
  • Chirurgia generale
  • Geriatria
  • Medicina fisica e riabilitativa
  • Medicina generale
  • Ortopedia
  • Radiologia
  • Reumatologia 

Altre professioni sanitarie:

  • Fisioterapisti
  • Tecnici ortopedici
  • Tecnici radiologi     


COT sponsor di Salina Mare Festival 19 – 24 luglio 2016

Il 19 agosto 2016 è stato inaugurato a Milazzo (Me) il Marefestival di Salina, una delle più importanti kermesse di cinema, spettacolo e arte. Sul palco allestito in Marina Garibaldi per la serata d'apertura della V edizione di MareFestival - Premio Troisi l'attrice Gabriella Germani. La comica, nota per le esilaranti imitazioni di donne della politica e dello spettacolo, ha ricevuto insieme con Sandra Milo, il prestigioso riconoscimento in ricordo di Troisi.


pdf.png Download Salina MAREFESTIVAL Premio Troisi 





At the center of our work there is always the individual as a whole human being. Aware that each and all have the right to choose freely their physician and place of care, we are committed to adopting life promotion and support at all steps of life as the priority criterion for our choices, thereby fighting illness and against pain.


The corporate philosophy aims for service quality through the continuous improvement of facilities and technologies, and through the development of medical and paramedical staff, with a view to ensuring access to appropriate care for each and every individual, without distinction of any kind and in the fastest possible time. 


- Make specialized skills available for the community, with service standards striving for excellence. 
- Harmonize the criteria underpinning staff professional independence with the protection of client rights. 
- Review the compliance of specialized outpatient and inpatient healthcare services with ethical principles and with organizational protocols.



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